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"Zaks" store is the ultimate uniform stop for schools that care. Innovative concepts and rich design are tools that "Zaks" uses to maintain the look and feel of discipline throughout the school.

The advantages that "Zaks" brings along with it in the market is the experience derived by the company in different facets of the apparel business. The comparative advantage to "Zaks' would be its sourcing structure and quality workmanship on the final garment. Customers have a variety of different products to choose from, manufactured mostly in North America, UK & Europe. Its pricing structure is comparatively low since "Zaks" utilizes the principle of "economies of scale" from its suppliers. Quality workmanship is the center point for "Zaks"- a trendy kids store. Every garment is hand tailored, matching it with premium trimmings to give it durability and longevity. Since school clothing goes through the cycle of repeated washing, the inbuilt trimmings extend the wear and tear of the garment.

The mission statement spells out the "value for money" slogan, which is what "Zaks" adheres to. This website is a service provided by "Zaks" to an ongoing commitment to its clients and trade. Giving clients a 24 hr worldwide access to deliver clothes to their doorstep, "Zaks" is striving to reduce the stress of last minute "back to school" shopping. Catering to the various needs of the customer, this website will include all the products with color and size description for the individual schools. Parents can log on to this website and browse for their various needs, finding the appropriate sizes with the help of our size chart and finalizing their orders thereof.





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